Announcing Open Privacy Research Society

28 Mar 2018

Privacy is Consent. Privacy is the right to consent. Privacy is the right to withdraw consent.

The Open Privacy Research Society (Open Privacy for short) is a non-profit Canadian group based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We believe that moral systems enable consent. Our society exists to invent, create, build, test, deploy, promote, and to encourage the development of such systems.

We believe that enabling consent involves more than presenting a choice.

We believe that people should not be subject to arbitrary, covert surveillance. We believe that systems, protocols and tools should be, by their very nature, anti-surveillant.

We believe that control should be decentralized. We believe that people should have power over their own identity.

We believe that systems should be designed by and for people in marginalized communities. We believe that tools should adapt to their users.

We believe in transparency in protocols, and in power structures.

We would like to welcome you to join us.

Sarah Jamie Lewis
Executive Director, Open Privacy Research Society

Title modified from the original picture by Ted Eytan under CC-BY-NA license

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