Supplychain Transparency

At Open Privacy we believe in transparency around everything we do. To that end we are starting a project to drill down into the vendor choices we make to run our organization, the first step of which is to list the vendors we use:

We want to make clear that other than where specified, these organizations are not affiliated with Open Privacy.

  • Banking - Royal Bank of Canada (Canada)
  • Email - Rackspace Inc. (Texas, USA)
  • Hosting - DigitialOcean, Inc. (New York, USA) (Hosted in Canada)
  • Domain name & DNS Hosting - Ideegeo Group LTD (iwantmyname) (New Zealand)
  • Donations - Paypal (USA), Patreon (USA), Bitcoin Core, Monero, Zcash
  • T-shirts - Kraft Media (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • Stickers
    • Clubcard Printing (Vancouver, BC, Canada) (2019-Present)
    • Cimpress N.V. (Vistaprint) (Netherlands) (2018)

Anonymous Donations

We do accept, and have received, anonymous donations.

Benefit Events

We have been the beneficiary of a number of externally-organized events:


We have received funds from the following organizational entities:

Travel Assistance

We have accepted travel assistance and/or discounts to attend conferences and events from the following organizations:

  • Privacy International - Gender & Privacy Workshop (2018)
  • Citizen Lab - Canadian Cybersecurity Dialogue (2018)
  • Reboot Communications - Privacy and Security Conference (2019)
  • Access Now - RightsCon Toronto (2018)

We would like to thank these organizations for their support, as it allows Open Privacy staff to participate in the community without diverting valuable resources away from other areas of our mission.