Our Organization


The Open Privacy Research Society (Open Privacy for short) is a non-profit Canadian group based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We believe that moral systems enable consent. Our society exists to invent, create, build, test, publish, deploy, promote, and to encourage the development of such systems.

Our mission is:

  • To conduct scientific research advancing the area of privacy and anonymity as they relate to computer science and computer security.
  • To create and publish free and open source software that realizes our research and to make this software available and useful to the general public.
  • To promote good privacy and computer security practices through official publications, media outreach, and public speaking.

Core Team

Sarah Jamie Lewis

Executive Director

Twitter: @SarahJamieLewis
Email: sarah@openprivacy.ca

Sarah is an anonymity & privacy researcher who believes technology, protocols and systems should empower people. Her work is focused on consent, metadata resistance and decentralization. She previously ran the dark web mapping OnionScan project, and promoted stories that document how privacy impacts marginalized & at risk communities in her book Queer Privacy.

Erinn Atwater


Twitter: @errorinn
Email: erinn@openprivacy.ca

Erinn is a PhD candidate in the Cryptography, Security and Privacy (CrySP) lab and the Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research at the University of Waterloo. Her research interests revolve around the obstacles that prevent widespread deployment of end-to-end encryption. Her thesis includes work on usable encrypted webmail, protecting keys across multiple devices, and creating compulsion-proof technology.

Dan Ballard

Director / Treasurer

Twitter: @dan_ballard
Email: dan@openprivacy.ca

Dan is a developer focused on security and privacy through decentralization. He wants to ensure next generation social tools are high quality, consent enforcing, support more complex human interaction, and are made accessible to everyone, especially those who need them most. His latest work involves bringing decentralized IM to Android.

Cynthia Khoo


Twitter: @Cyn_K
Email: cynthia@openprivacy.ca

Cynthia is a digital rights lawyer at Tekhnos Law and digital policy columnist at The Monitor. Her work combines copyright, privacy, freedom of expression, and Internet regulatory law and policy, specifically where they impact human rights and civil liberties. She is particularly interested in technology ethics and the intersection between online platforms, intermediary liability law, and justice for marginalized communities.

Norman Shamas


Twitter: @NormanShamas
Email: norman@openprivacy.ca

Norman Shamas is an activist and educator whose work focuses on human-centered information and digital security and privacy. They work with activists globally and have a particular focus on sex workers, queer, trans*, and gender nonconforming communities.

Marcia Díaz Agudelo

Staff Designer

Email: marcia@openprivacy.ca

Marcia is a Designer and Illustrator from Colombia who lives and works in Canada. She has an interest in anthropology, technology and history. Through her work she tries to transform complex topics into thoughtful and meaningful graphic narratives.



Email: kit@openprivacy.ca

Kit is an educator at PACE Society, and focuses on decreasing stigma and harms Sex Workers encounter regularly. Kit has a background in Sex Work and is a member of disability and queer communities.

Kit worked for four years as a registered nurse in Montreal, Qc and in South Sudan as a nurse manager with MSF. She strongly believes in each individual’s rights to safety annd confidentiality and facilitates an occupational health and safety workshop to ensure Sex Workers know their rights and how to stay safe online. Kit has an interest in transformative justice, decolonization and works in a trauma informed and harm reduction manner.

Advisory Team

Cecylia Bocovich

Advisory Director

Twitter: @cecyliabocovich
Email: cecylia@openprivacy.ca

Cecylia is a developer at The Tor Project where she works on detecting and circumventing state censorship, and implementing censorship circumvention tools. She was previously a member of the Cryptography, Security, and Privacy (CrySP) research group at the University of Waterloo. Her PhD research there addressed a broad range of privacy issues with a focus on censorship resistance.