Sarah Jamie Lewis


I am an anonymity & privacy researcher who believes technology, protocols and systems should empower people. My work is focused on consent, metadata resistance and decentralization.

My work at Open Privacy is focused on metadata resistant communication.

Election Security

In early 2019 I, along with researchers from other institutions, found a number of critical issues in the evoting system offered by SwissPost and Scytl. These issues also impacted the iVote system used in New South Wales.

Queer Privacy

Understanding how technology impacts the privacy of queer communities is one of my main research interests. I compiled a book, Queer Privacy, to capture some of the many different perspectives that provide insight into the issue.

Security Of Connected Children’s Toys

I have previously conducted independent research into the security and privacy of connected toys for children.

Sex Tech Privacy Research

One of my more well known hobbies is evaluating existing sex tech in terms of privacy and security, as well as designing new privacy preserving systems oriented around sex.

Dark Web Deanonymization

I previously founded the OnionScan project, focused on understanding application-level deanonymization vectors, and mapping the dark web.

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