Open Infrastructure and contributing back is an important part of Open Privacy’s mandate.


Docker Containers

These containers are constructed for use in automated build systems such as Drone CI or Gitlab

  • Drone Gogs: A Docker/Drone container for posting to Gogs/Gitea PRs comments about build results
  • Android Go Mobile: Docker container for Android and golang / gomobile builds
  • mingw-go: Docker container with Mingw and Go installed for windows go builds
  • Flutter-Desktop: Docker containers for Linux and Windows Flutter desktop builds
  • NSIS: Windows Docker container with NSIS installed for makensis and MSIX-Toolkit for signtool for signing and packaging Windows apps into an installer

Our Build Implementations

These our our .drone.yml build instructions for our complicated and somewhat atypical builds. They may be of some use or note for people following these paths.

  • Cwtch Flutter UI build .drone.yml: A Docker build file for Flutter using some of the above containers to build a Linux desktop app, a Windows desktop app that is signed and packed in an NSIS installer, and an Android appbundle that is signed and ready to be pushed to the Google Play Store
  • libcwtch-go build .drone.yml: A Docker build file for Go-lang generating a Linux shared library .so, a Windows shared library .dll, and an Android shared library .jar using some of the above containers for build steps
  • Cwtch QT UI build .drone.yml: A Docker build file using therecipe/qt’s QT for go docker images to build our Go/QT application for Linux, Windows, and Android and deploy the resulting artifacts to a web accessible build files directory.

Header picture provided by Jacob Kaplan-Moss under CC-BY license